Overbite Correction

Overbite Correction without Surgery
Overbite Correction without Surgery and no Aligners or Braces

Patients with overbites typically experience small chins, front upper teeth that overlap the lower teeth, premature aging, their lower jaw is pushed back, their faces collapse more quickly, they have sleeping problems because of the jaw closing too far, do not have enough room for their tongues, do not always speak clearly and usually suffer from headaches, neck pain, facial tension, muscle strain and an unsatisfactory facial profile.

Treatment for overbite correction is more important than ever because we are living longer and we want to look and feel our best.

Small Chins and Overbite Correction

Many patients have chins that look small because of the bad jaw position. The position of the lower jaw makes the patient’s face shorter and the soft tissue of the face slowly collapses causing premature aging and a weak chin type of facial profile.

Once the overbite is corrected using the non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration, the chin will appear much larger, the shape of the patients face is of a younger person, they sleep better because they have more room for their tongue and have increased self-esteem with the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Correcting an Overbite

The chin is pushed back when the patient has an overbite. To correct the overbite, the back teeth need to be built at the same time that the front teeth are aligned. He explained it his way.

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What Patients are Saying

Reverse the Signs of Aging

“I did not like my smile. Veneers could not do this as my jaw needed to change, not just my teeth. My niece is a patient of Dr. Muslin and the work she had done just blew me away. Face Lift Dentistry® gave me exactly what I need.”

- Patient from Ohio

Mouth Collapse Reversed

“For the first time in years I do not have headaches or TMJ pain. I feel younger and happier and get a great response with my smile wherever I go.”

- Patient from Idaho

No Other Dentists Could Help

“When I first came here my face was collapsed. I work for a chain of 7 dental offices and not one of the dentists could help me. I’m very happy that I came here. I couldn’t be more happy.”

- Patient from Los Angeles