Bite Correction

A bad bite caused her jawline and shape to her face to age too fast and she was physically uncomfortable.
When a patient needs bite correction they usually have a multitude of problems directly related to discomfort, premature aging, and self-esteem with jawline issues. With the Face Lift Dentistry® method, bite correction has advanced to a level that gets cosmetic results that are so good that it is “hard to believe”.

Patients can experience a younger shape to their faces; get a better chin position and an improved facial profile. The essence of this method is to support the face with the teeth and optimizing the jaw position to the patient’s natural facial anatomy with bite correction that is non-invasive and is completed quickly. The patient’s self-confidence can reach a new level.

Health Benefits of Bite Correction

The benefits to the patient’s health are as follows:  It relieves TMJ pain, neck pain, jaw tension, sleeping problems, improves the airway and reduces the tension in the jaw, head and neck.  Patients wake up more alert and with more energy.  These patients look so much better that they “shock themselves” when they look in the mirror.  The miracle of this method is that none of your healthy teeth are ground down with the dental drill and jaw surgery is eliminated.  Patients can get their bite corrected without pain and without needing anesthetic or a shot in a very short period of time.

Overbite Correction After Crown Replacement

She will talk about the testing before the treatment begins and her experience with this method. It took only 2 plane flights about 3 weeks apart. She stayed about 5 days on each trip and she explains the process.

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What Patients are Saying

Reverse the Signs of Aging

“I did not like my smile. Veneers could not do this as my jaw needed to change, not just my teeth. My niece is a patient of Dr. Muslin and the work she had done just blew me away. Face Lift Dentistry® gave me exactly what I need.”

- Patient from Ohio

Mouth Collapse Reversed

“For the first time in years I do not have headaches or TMJ pain. I feel younger and happier and get a great response with my smile wherever I go.”

- Patient from Idaho

No Other Dentists Could Help

“When I first came here my face was collapsed. I work for a chain of 7 dental offices and not one of the dentists could help me. I’m very happy that I came here. I couldn’t be more happy.”

- Patient from Los Angeles